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‘My Life is Murder ‘ airs on Acorn TV August 30th!


“Who wants to see my pav?”

No sordid stuff–just something sweet from our fave ‘Virgin River’ couple after their cooking session yesterday…Martin and Alex made Pavlovas and you can watch the entire session (in 3 parts) on Martin’s Instagram.
Martin’s Pavlova:

Alex’s Pavlova:

Also sweet–a visit from Sammy!:


Let’s Get Cooking!

Listen Up!

Jul 23
2021 1 Comment Uncategorized
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‘Virgin River’ season 3 now streaming on Netflix!

Martin to guest on tv show ‘My Life is Murder’

The Acorn tv series will return with its second season in August. The series stars Lucy Lawless.


Jun 11
2021 0 comments Videos
Trailer for ‘Virgin River’ season 3

The popular series returns to Netflix July 9th

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